There’s a reason we’ve named ourselves after the ancient Sanskrit word for “art.” Just as “kala” is a primal term for the craft of expression, Kala Wines is dedicated to the purest possible expression of the grape.

We produce our wines in short runs, carefully curating small batches of sustainably cultivated fruit. Our harvests are driven not by calendars or chemistry, but by aroma, taste, look and feel. Old-world winemaking techniques are applied to retain the true flavors of these exceptional vintages.

It’s this level of artisan creation that makes Kala the ideal compliment to a range of cuisines. Unlike typical fruit-forward large-winery releases, Kala makes balanced, evolved wines that add the ideal nuance to any meal.

The art of winemaking is just one of the sixty-four original “Kalas.” Our goal is to establish a sixty-fifth: the perfect occasion. The table is your canvas, the meal is your palette, and the company your brushes. The right wine adds the spark that turns a convivial time into a true work of art.